Who We Are

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Meets 2nd Monday each month

Tom Manship 207.255.6536

Ann Grange   207.255.6015


Planning Board

Meets 3rd Wednesday each month

Tom McCurdy   207.255.3682

Brian Frutchey  207.255.0331


Alex Currier      207.263.4631

Kevin Millay      207.255.4127
Mike Anderson  207.255.0606

Notepad on Desk

Town Clerk

Amanda Manship

Office = 207-745-3268

Email: northfieldclerk@gmail.com

VOTERS-Info for Absentee Ballots


General Assistance
Catherine Ryan Quint  207.255.4192

Tape Measuring

Property Tax Assessor

J. Doug Guy     207.263.6824

Office Desk

Town Financial

Town Treasurer
Victoria Boone           207.263.4900
Email Treasurer

Property Tax Collector
Naida Pennell           207.255.6697
Email Tax Collector

Excise Tax, Auto/Trailer

Registration, Licenses 
Town of Machias, Town Hall  



Animal Control Officer

Jessica Lewis          207-401-0333

Gravel Road into the Forest

Code Enforcement


Plumbing Inspector

James Bradley     207.255.8874

Road Commissioner

Terry Hayward 207.255.8669

Sitting by Campfire

Town Fire Warden

John Thompson 207.255.8826

Richard Lamasney 207.255.5854

Vote buttons on flag

Registrar of Voters

Amanda Manship


Empty Classroom

School Board

Becky Hennessey  207.356.9381

Abby Frutchey  207.263.8040

Sandy Anderson  255-0606

Typing on Keyboard

Health Officer

Amy Zipperer