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School Bus

Northfield students have the privilege of attending schools in Machias and East Machias.  Northfield provides school bus transportation to  the town of Machias Schools and students wishing to attend the semi private Washington Academy High School in East Machias can  board a bus from the Machias School bus stop  to get to Washington Academy.

Our education services are administered by A.O.S. 96 in Machias, led by superintendent Scott Porter.  If you wish to get information about the schools or register your children please refer to or call the superintendent's office at 207.255.6585.

If you have questions about which school options and tuition your student has or transportation please email Northfield selectpersons. 

School Information

Designated School Bus Stops

Location #1
Across from the Northfield Town office on  Rt. 192 the bus stop is across the street on the Eastern Ridge Road turnoff.

Location #2 
Just past the Public Boat Landing  on Route 192

Both stops do not provide shelter or crossing  guards. Parents are responsible for the child's safety while waiting to board the bus.

Local Schools

Machias Memorial High School

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