Property Tax Information

The Town of Northfield contracts with a Certifed Maine Assessor, Doug Guy. 

Calm Lake
Assessing Team
Doug Guy, Certified Maine Assessor        207.263.6824
Please contact Doug for  property tax information
Email Doug

Naida Pennell, Property Tax Collector    207.255.6697


Current Tax Information:   


2020 Mil Rate is $10.40

Our Fiscal year is June 30- July 1

Current property taxes are due March, 15th

Payment may  be mailed to:
Town of Northfield

Tax Collector

P.O. Box 263

Machias, ME 04654


Document with Pen
Forms to submit for tax reduction 


The State of Maine offers a few ways for you to get a property tax reduction. We are providing a link here to the Maine.Gov website where you may get these documents. If you feel that you  qualify, complete the form and submit to tax assesor.

Please be sure to include all items required to be submitted with the document (if applicable)

Also, please submit by the date suggested (usually April 1).

MAINE.GOV Property Tax Exemption Forms

MAINE. GOV Property Tax Information