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Frequently Asked Questions......

Where do I register my vehicle?      Machias Town Office

Where do I take my trash?      Household trash picked up by contractor, ANY other trash is your responsibility and must be taken to the Marion Transfer Station. 

For upcoming holiday Trash pickup.  If a holiday lands on a Friday then Trash Pickup will be on Saturday. 


Household trash ONLY will be picked up.  No contractor bags, furniture, boxes loaded with trash from a household clean out, lawn chairs, metal, tv's etc.  These items will NOT be picked up per our trash contract, so these items need to be taken to Marion Station by the owner. If you put it out, then someone else has to clean up the mess.  All household trash must be in a trash bags that can be tied off and put into a trash can with a lid, so that animals can't get into the trash and drag it from one end of eastern ridge to the other.  If you have card board to throw away, boxes must be broken down so that they lay flat.


Additionally, this trash pickup service is provided to the Northfield Residents ONLY!  People outside the town should be having their trash picked up by their own town or if their town doesn't provide this service, then they will need to take their trash to Marion Station on their own. 

Where do I  call for power?    Versant Power  207.973.2000

Who do I contact for phone service?     Consolidated Communications  1.888.968.7224

Where do Northfield residents go to school?   Children are bused to Machias schools in the AOS 96 school system. You would register your children for school  at the  AOS 96 office. The University of Maine at Machias is also available.

Which lakes located in Northfield? Bog Lake, Fulton Lake, Horseshoe, Long and Pug to name a few. You may find more information about out lakes by clicking here.

If you are looking for local events to attend you may check with the Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fireworks use- Please refer to our Shoreland Ordinances Page for information about Fireworks use in Northfield

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